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Lint-Free Nail Cleaning Pads Wipes (200pcs)

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Lint-Free wipes are specialised disposable wipes or pads typically used in the nail care and beauty industries. They are particularly used for removing nail polish and cleaning and preparing the nail beds before a manicure or pedicure. They are intended to be soft and gentle on the nails, and they reduce the risk of fibres lint being left behind, which could interfere with the application of nail polish or other nail products. So, using nail wipes can effectively give you a clean, residue-free surface to work on.

Benefits of nail wipes include:

Gel Layer Removal

For those who enjoy gel manicures, the sticky residue left behind after curing can be difficult to remove. Great quality nail wipes remove this tacky layer without leaving a dent or scratch in the polish. They also create a smooth and glossy finish.

Residue Removal

Nails and cuticles can pick up dirt and even germs. These nail wipes help keep these areas clean and won’t leave fibres behind, even if the nails have ragged edges.

Nail Preparation

A lint free nail wipe is a must-have tool to prepare nails for treatment. They help clean nails during manicures and pedicures and prepare them for acrylic or gel treatments. Nail wipes also help smooth the final application of polish before nail art is applied.


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